Refrigerator Repair Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa

The refrigerator is one of the major component in the household hence the need to have it a perfect working condition both day and night. Refrigerator repair is one of our specialties and below some of the problems that we tackle have been mentioned.

The drainage system of the refrigerator can be mired with numerous problems, for example, when the refrigerator has a clogged defrost drain or the freezing of the defrost drain. When this occurs the will be an overflow the existing drain and eventually dripping all the way down to the bottom of the compartment. Here we advise you to thaw all the existing ice that is responsible for clogging of the drain and ascertain that the drain is clear. We have a range of other product to help you with this, like the aftermarket drain heater, when install it will prevent any freezing of your drain in the near future.

Still on the drainage problem it is advisable to consider that the drain strap. The drain strap could have been distorted over time or simple fallen off. This is another cause for the defrost drain to freeze. Some of the refrigerators have been designed in such a way that they have small copper or aluminum straps installed in them. These straps are attached to defrost heater and extend all the way down into the drain, the defrost drain. The strap is heated and it is responsible for defrosting any ice build up along the defrost drain; hence here we fix this problem by making sure the strap is in place and is working properly.

The other common problem occurs when you find the freezer being cold but at the same time the refrigerator is warm and coils (evaporator coil) are frosted over due to a fault in the defrost system. The defrost heater turns on severally during the course of the day, just for few minutes and it is responsible for melting the away any ice that may have accumulated over time on the evaporator coils. So the failing of the defrost thermostat, or the burning out of the defrost system, or the defrost controls will cause the ice build on the coils preventing any air to travel through the coils for providing cooling, hence the warm refrigerator. Here we simply fix the default defrost cooling assembly and your fridge will be working as good as new.

The other cause for the same problem, that is, having cold freezer but the refrigerator is warm may be due to the failing of the evaporator fan motor. The evaporator fan motor is responsible for drawing in air over the refrigerators coil and then proceeds to circulate the air through the freezer and refrigerator. The fan motor is mounted near a set of coils called the evaporators coil. The failing of the fan causes the excess warm air; here we fix the fan motor.

Finally, on the same case, whereby the refrigerator is warm in spite the freezer being cold, may be caused by a defective temperature control board. The temperature control; board is responsible for providing the voltage to fan motor and also the compressor. The temperature is known be misdiagnosed on several occasions, so it prudent to check and avert that potential trouble and we can easily do that for you.